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Privacy Policy

At “Aloni Villas” we respect and take care the privacy of our Website visitors. All data we collect about you will be used to make us able to satisfy your needs and make our services better. For this reason we value all of the information we collect.

All data we collect will not be shared to other parties but will be used only by “Aloni Villas“. All data used according Greek and EU privacy laws and can be stored and be processed inside or outside of E.U.

You have the right to learn the data we collect about you and make corrections, if it’s necessary and if you wish of visitors you have the right to ask not to use these data. We will take all the efforts to respect your demands but note that specific rules on some subjects, such as transactions safety, don’t allow us to give some part of information we collect.

If you have questions that aren’t finding answers here, please send us an e-mail at [email protected]

“Aloni Villas” based in Katoyna, Lefkada island, Greece.